GCHSS 2002

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Dear Parents/Guardians

of GCHSS of Class 8

 I am writing to inform that the school will be re-opened  partially in a phase manner. Class 8 will start from 20th of October(Tuesday) 2020. Therefore here are few things you and your child need to prepare to return to school.

I am sure you will agree that coming back to school is vital for our children’s education and well-being and therefore we will work together to make the come back as safe as possible. Though this cannot be guaranteed as infection is still pretty substantial, we will carry out “safety measures
together as practically as possible to keep our community safe. However if there is a localized spike or other covid related issues, expect changes in the plans and procedures. Please resort to official information which will be issued from the school authority ONLY.

Students who are residing at villages  and outside of Dimapur are requested to return and grab this opportunity to catch up with your education. Online classes will continue but topics which are taught at school will not be repeated from the opening day onward.

 The SOPs are attached. Kindly see to it that all these  measures are followed.


  1. Masks are a MUST.
  2. Students MUST have their own hand sanitizers for use.
  3. Students MUST bring their own tiffin/snacks water.
  4. Expect to be at school for 5 hours for three times in a week for the trial week.
  5. Students are asked to come only according to the roll nos. and days put up.
  6. Students MUST only be in the class that is designated.
  7. Students MUST only seat in the designated seat.
  8. Students MUST only use the washroom that is assigned.
  9. Students MUST stand in the circles drawn for temperature testing at the ENTRY
  10. Students MUST wash their hands right after being tested at the ENTRY.
  11. Students MUST follow physical distancing at and OUTSIDE the school Entry gate
  12. Students MUST follow physical distancing in the classes, in the washrooms or anywhere in or outside the campus.
  13. Students MUST follow physical distancing during breaks
  14. Students MUST follow physical distancing while coming to or going back from school.

classroom routine, Timing & Breaks(check your whatsapp page)

Note for room Permanent room allocation

  • class 8 Roll no. 1 – 26 : Room 5 (ATO Dorm)
  • class 8 Roll no. 27 – 53: Room 6 (Dinning Hall)
  • Washroom  & Washbasin allocation

    Class 8 Boys Roll no. 1-13      :            Kindergarten washrooms

    Class 8 Boys Roll no. 14- 26   :          Boys Washrooms

    Class 8 girls Roll no. 27-40     :           Morris Hall Washrooms

    Class 8 girls Roll no. 41- 53    :           Girls washrooms



    • use the necessary facilities following queue system maintaining physical distance at all times
    • wash properly after using the facilities for yourself & next person
    • DO NOT rush for anything, better be safe than sorry

    The Principal Great Commission Higher Secondary School
    Naga United Village, Dimapur, Nagaland



    Studying at Great Commission Higher Secondary School, am sending my child/ward to get guidance from the teachers voluntarily without any compulsion from the school authority or any other persons. I am ready to take any risk on involved on account of it.
    We shall NOT hold the school authority responsible in any way if any health issues occur in my child/ward connected to the Covid due to the existing pandemic. We also undertake to follow all the norms, regulations and all preventive measures laid down by the government and the school authority.
    If any symptoms connected with Covid-19 is noticed in my ward/child or in any family members, or exposed to the virus in any way, I shall inform the school immediately and withhold my child/ward from coming to school till he/she is tested negative.

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