19th Annual Sport’s Week, 2022

Miss Rokali A. Chopi

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19th Annual Sport’s Week, 2022

Miss Rokali A. Chopi

After the two yearlong pandemic break, GCHSS celebrated its Annual Sports week from 1st– 4thNovember 2022 with great enthusiasm. Various sports activities were organized by the School Sports committee in which students participated according to their interests.

My first GCHSS sports week was a thrilling experience. I was amazed looking at the participation of our students – their team work, dedication, perseverance and hard work, which they rendered throughout the week was worth observing.

Waking up early to leave for the event, running after the students, conducting the games, waiting eagerly for lunch break, cracking inside jokes with colleagues, to facing each other on the battleground- from dawn till dusk, it was a full packed schedule but worth the experience.

It was a great platform for the students to improve their social skills, developing discipline and working on their team building and leadership skills.

This event also made us travel back to our childhood days. Everyone participated and had fun regardless of who we are.

I also noticed how our principal encouraged us in all the possible ways. For a reason she is the mother of GCHSS. Well, I got the opportunity to participate with her in one game where we lost but I’m sure we won the hearts of many. 😁

We were able to build the missing bridge between the teachers and students. Thankful for the nail-biting and jaw-dropping performances.

I am extremely proud to say that, we kept the ideals of sportsmanship high.

Long Live GCHSS Family!

Excerpts from students' memories:

The Guest of Honour was Joel Naga, the President of RPP. In his sharing he spoke about his early life as a failure following his father’s dream, and the various mistakes he made in his school days. Learn to say ‘no’. Following somebody else’s dream will not bring you the success you want in life.
- Mulelu Puro, Class 10

Every house was very competitive and each of them were cheering for their own houses. Some of the houses got minus points for speaking Nagamese.
- Nungsangwa, Melody, Vipu class 5

After the hectic days of schooling, sports week served as a good break from books and studies. I participated in lots of games, guided my juniors… I am proud of myself that I was able to get over my fears and face the challenges.
- Lanumen, Class 12

I really enjoyed seeing the juniors and seniors coordinating with each other and working to be better selves. This year’s sports has really left a great impact on each of us as it has taught us many valuable virtues and looking forward that next year will still be better.
- Litshe-u, Class 9

This sports made me realize that I’m capable to compete with others physically, to help others and also its ok to lose… being a part of the game made me learn many new things which I didn’t learn inside the classroom.
- Mughato, Class 11

Compiled by Miss Zhotalu

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