Kids Market

By Miss Yavino  

Kids Market

The school Kids Market is perhaps the event that we most eagerly await each year. This year too, we begun to prepare well in advance, with both the teachers and students assigned with different responsibilities. Anyone interested in setting up stalls were advice to book the stall in advance, by citing the details of items to be sold on that day. The event took place on 8th October 2022 from 9:00 am to 12:30pm at the school premise. The kids market is conducted annually, so that students can learn basic marketing skills, learn the value of money, enjoy the experience of earning through one’s own hardwork and embellish their skills, at the same time learn to reduce, reuse and recycle.

As the final day approached, the excitement increased and preparation took on a hectic pace. On the day before the event, the students were given orientation on the do’s and don’ts, so that the event can take off smoothly.

On the day, the school campus was filled with food stalls, games, jewellery stalls, clothes and handicraft made by students were also put up for sale. The environment was relaxed and carefree, as people from outside as well and the teachers and students walked the long stretch of colourfully laid down stalls, enjoying the snacks, while some losing and winning at the game stalls.The stall displaying different shapes, created by twisting of colourful ballons was a sight to adore. The busiest stall was the face painting stall,which was jam-packed with mostly art lovers getting ready to get their faces painted by the creative students with all designs from sparkly, beautiful, quirky, and original, it really was upto you!

As the fun filled day advanced to an end, one thing is for sure that every participant had learn something new out of this event and the importance of conducting such activities became more pronounced as students gather their belongings,clean up their mess showing discipline as well as being a concerned and aware citizens. The lively clamorous day ended with a note that learning take place everywhere and everyday and more so on events like this, where students get to experience things that will become more relevant for them as they thrive ahead  by doing it themselves.